Acrylic Painting with Resin

Art By Jesica–Resin Art– Mixing acrylic to the epoxy/hardener

I am very excited to share videos from my trials last week— I believe they turned out amazingly! The first one I mixed acrylic paint directly to my epoxy/hardener mixture.

The first trick/tidbit of info–with resin, you must thoroughly mix it, as it is a chemical reaction–DO NOT SHORT CUT this part of the process as it WILL NOT sit up properly).

I poured my paint/epoxy/hardener mixture directly on the canvas. Then I used my blowdryer to add the heat to spread out the mixture.

My second trick/tidbit of info– b/c of the weight of the mixture, place something under your canvas to support the areas without the framing or else it will pool in that area and not be level– Plus, you need the canvas to be elevated so that it can drip off the sides. Again–it is a chemical reaction, so where this stuff gets, it doesn’t come up. Make sure and cover your area and use items you want to throw away.

OH AND WATCH YOUR BLOWDRYER (or heat gun) CORD… as mind now has hard red paint on the cord. But the great part is, even though it sits up relatively quickly, it still had time to cover the imperfection of the cord touching.

Allow it to have like 24 hours to completely dry/harden.

Finished Product.

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