Building by dividing? How is that logical

I stumbled across a post that was meant to be empowering. But at what cost?   At the cost of half of the population.  Why the divide?   Do you feel that you are better because of who you are comparing yourself to?  Blanket statements are hard to swallow.  Yet, that has become the way.


“They are called “man hours” because a woman would have that shit done in 20 minutes…”

Funny?  Not really…   

True?  Absolutely Not.

Why are we turning women against men?   Why are the commercials on tv making men appear weak or it seems to have the woman being catty to the man and making it out like it is funny?  WHY ARE WE CONSTANTLY ATTACKING AND DIVIDING?  

Here is my straight up opinion… and it is my opinion, but it is also my blog…  😊

We have one life, I believe we all should try our hardest to be the best version of ourselves.  I believe we should work hard.  I believe we should look for the good instead of the bad.  I believe we need a connection to first build trust when clarity isn’t always present.  A connection isn’t made by putting someone down to make yourself feel better about you.  ONLY YOU CAN CREATE THE VALUE YOU FEEL IN YOURSELF.   ONCE you see that person, then others will see that person.   If you must put others down to feel better about yourself, then YOU need to focus on YOU instead of focusing on them.

I know, I know that isn’t what that post is about…    I get it, I’m a mom.   Most days I am cross-eyed and exhausted b/c I feel that I have killed it at work, slayed it at home, and my laundry is still over-flowing and my to-do list is growing…    Sure, I run on coffee and straight up “Jes” drive.  


The amount of work that I feel that I put into my day doesn’t lessen the amount of work that my husband puts in.   He too works long hours, constantly is trying to take care of others whether it be customers, family, friends…   He too gets the “daddy daddy daddy”  and has to balance the ever-growing honey-do lists, etc.  

Life isn’t easy.   How boring would it be if it were?   But you get out of it what you put into it.  So how about we empower everyone by first giving respect to each other?   Each of us has strengths.  Each of us has talents that maybe makes us better at different tasks—but to generalize it as women get it done and men don’t is just WRONG.   I know many women who absolutely rock out and exceed expectations daily.  I also know a multitude of men that astound me constantly.  On the other hand, I also know plenty of both genders that aren’t interested in contributing.   

So how about we focus on UNITY instead of DIVISION—that way we can ALL be AMAZED at what we, together, can BUILD.


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