Heavy Lines

On this project I didn’t really have an idea of what I was wanting the completed project to look like. I mainly wanted to create depth. I LOVE when someone asks, “Can I touch it?” because it means I accomplished my goal of creating the appearance of depth and dimension. One of my favorite attributes of using the epoxy/resin pour is it creates a firm, encased top layer so the feel versus the look can be very deceiving– and to me, that is just fun. (In my head I can hear my Papaw laughing saying, “It’s an optical illusion.” –makes me smile.)

Start with base level– dark grey and dark blue
Add on heavy whites, silvers, greys, and creams–build on each other for heavy texture.
Add accent colors– copper and gold, just enough to accent but not take over
Complete with circles to try and clash the patterns while allowing them to come together with the gold leaf accents and pebble textures.
Complete with a resin pour to bring all elements together.

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