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We moved into our home about 4 years ago. When we arrived all of the walls were the same basic tan(ish) color. It was easy to see that the family before us had 4 children. Add in the wear and tear of our two boys and you can easily understand the potential need for some painting.

Tan Walls…ohhhh my

My husband and I got some quotes from painters that ranged anywhere from $4k up to $6k if we wanted to had all of the crown molding and cabinets painted at the same time. Anyone who knows me, and knows that I am my mother’s daughter knows that wasn’t going to fly!

At the time, I was very interested in lasik, so my driving force was two-fold. 1) Whoo hoo, great project where I can go at my own pace and really see the difference and be able to walk in to a beautiful room and have a sense of accomplishment. (AND IF I DON’T LIKE THE COLOR, I FEEL ZERO GUILT IN REPAINTING.) 2) I viewed it as a way of “earning” lasik. See if I saved the family $4k then spent $3k on my eyes, it was an investment that then left me technically saving the family $1k. (That logic doesn’t work for all, I get that… And doesn’t matter because I wussed out. What can I say, I don’t like my eyes touched.)

Step 1 of my GRAND HOME MAKE-OVER PROJECT–was to paint the home–room by room. I started with our bedroom. Since we were dating my husband always said that he wanted a black room. UMMMMM Not happening. To me, spaces should be bright so that they appear larger, clean, and welcoming. It took me a while, but I came up with a compromise. I love sleeping in a dark room with Black-Out Shades (If you haven’t tried these shades, you must! They are a game changer!). I proposed a dark deep slate blue. Instead, he actually suggested my favorite color, a dark green. WHAT!?!? I had no clue he would be remotely interested in a green. But knowing it was the first time he had ever compromised, I jumped all over that one!

Paint looks nice, but something is missing…It needs a bolder headboard!

So step 1 to our room make over was painting the room. I actually decided to keep the tan in the tray so that it kept some light colors on top and added a little bit of depth/brightness/heights when entering the room.

I loved the color. But something wasn’t exactly how I wanted it. We had a beautiful iron headboard/foot board combo. Turns out, he wasn’t a fan of the foot board (#tallpeopleproblems), so we got rid of it. Over the years we tried out an adjustable bed, so a headboard with no foot board became a bit of a nuisance since it was no longer supported, it was pretty much freestanding… and my pillows were constantly falling behind. So surprise….

Stept 2 of project– new headboard. This was inspired by our beautiful walls at the @eatmycatfish North Little Rock location. I searched Pintrest for some headboard ideas. All looked easy and fun. (It wasn’t until mid project that I realized the value in having correct tools–Tools make all the difference whether or not a project is deemed as a success).

Not too pricey
This girl carries a tape measure everywhere!

I measured the width of the mattress, accounted for a bit of an extension on each side, and then off to @HomeDepot I went! I found shiplap boards. Tried finding the straightest ones I could find. I took them home, started by standing them. Then had 2 coats of Jacobean stain added and dried (it was this project that I learned to not stain wood when it is humid outside!!!). Once dried I added 2 coats of poly coating for a nice shine.

Step 3—swallowing pride and asking for help. So 1 board isn’t heavy–but 8 boards are. I fianlly broke down and asked Ryan for help, as I realized I had no pratical way of attaching the boards together, or to the wall without the help of his muscles and tools. We marked off our studs (yup, he was my stud for the project–LOVE THAT MAN!) and then started connecting each board (shiplap) and attaching to the wall one by one.

Looked great! But as any good project does, it led to another project– our end tables needed to match, so a few weekends focused on standing, staining, attaching new hardware, and the room is more complete. It brings a sense of accomplishment, but also a cozy area for some good ZZZZs.

Completed Headboard Project.
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