He deserved more


Travis Cox, my first protector, my first best friend, my big brother–the song played at his funeral, “World’s Greatest” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy doesn’t even scratch the surface. He was beyond amazing.

That day I couldn’t stand to speak, instead i sobbed and struggled to breathe. My biggest regret is that I couldn’t physically do it, when my heart begged my head to compose words worthy of him, my mouth to speak them, and my feet to support my weight. My heart didn’t win, it was broken.

His nickname growing up was “Traveler,” what better way for him to continue than to write about the him I knew best, the kid with imagination. The kid with hope and dreams. The boy that I was going to sail the ocean with as pirates (even though we had only been to the beach once..and it ended up with me, as a 4-year old, getting lost and a police car ride to the station to be reunited with my family–maybe wasn’t our best plan.) That is the boy I want his sons to know. This was my first attempt at helping his legacy continue. A way for his boys to have something to hold on to, if even just a story. It isn’t nearly what he deserved, yet I hope that he would be proud and be honored to continue forever as the Little Traveler.

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