Multiple Piece Painting

A couple of weeks work reduced down to a quick 3 minute step-by-step how to video. Easy-peasy, enjoy!

Check out the video below!

I broke down into 2 main steps:

Painting the Canvases and then the Coating of the Epoxy/Resin combo.

Through out the video you will see the step-by-step instructions, hints, and suggestions.

The project took almost 3 weeks to complete, but know this, I didn’t work on it nonstop.. I mean, come on, I have 2 wild kiddos and a full time job, and I even snuck in an amazing visit with my nephews in the mix. I would say all in all I spent approx 12-15 hours on this project. Don’t worry, the video has been edited down (and playing in hyper-super-quick mode) so that all you need is 3 minutes to watch.

Feel free to shoot me any questions if you choose to try for yourself.

**One point that I did leave out of the text on the pages– when dealing with the epoxy coating—wear clothes and shoes that you do not mind throwing away. **

Enjoy! From Serious to Silly in half a second– Brought to you in part by FLOSSING

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