Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time that I find myself searching for the perfect gift for those that I love. Often, I struggle because nothing from a store shows the ones I care about just how special they are to me.

This year I was lucky because in various conversations I was asked to paint something for those that I love. I never want to assume a painting for someone because I don’t want them to feel obligated to display in their home—it is not my place to enforce my decorating into their personal area.

When the conversation naturally turns into a request for me to create something for them my heart dances with the excitement of a child. I try to take their requests into consideration, and send photos each step of the way so I can add or remove anything that they would like as the piece transforms.

I always let them know that I paint for me—it brings me joy. So if it isn’t something they really want, please please please let me know and I will redo it, or I will add it back to the collection for sale on this site or hold it for the next Easterseals of Arkansas Fundraiser. No painting will ever go unused. My goal is to create something that bring them joy, something they want to display. Something that makes them feel unique and loved.

This year I feel was the most productive of gift giving seasons. This summer I made a painting and the entire time I thought, “wow, this reminds me of my Aunt Tana.” So ya, she was the only one who didn’t get a choice in her gift. I know she will love it though, she is just like me—I joke often asking if my mom stole me from her because we are just alike (although, there is no denying that I am my mother’s daughter.)

Christmas gift #1

Before I donated all of the paintings to Easterseals’ Art and Soul event, I asked my grandmother to go through my stash of paintings and select anything that she wanted. I pointed out the one that made me think of her, and she agreed, she wanted that one plus one of my not so favorite paintings. When I was visiting her in November, I mentioned to her how it is easier seeing a wall that she wanted to hang a picture so I knew what size canvas and such to get so the pieced felt “made for the space” versus added in. In that conversation, I pointed out a wall as an example… then bam! A great painting came into being—fun part of this one, it has been multiple paintings, it’s been my play canvas for years and it interestingly used the textures of those old works to transform into something beautiful!

Christmas gift #2

When bringing Mamaw’s painting to her my sister-in-law mentioned wishing she had received one as well…ask and you shall receive!!!

Christmas gift #3

Gifts, I believe, are supposed to be from the heart, not through obligation. This year my heart was overwhelmed with joy in being able to share my passion with those that appreciate it and love me as much as I do them.

And on this day, we must take time and remember the reason for Celebrating Christmas. The birth of Jesus Christ, our savior, who was born to die for our sins so that we can accept salvation so that we may reunite with Him and our Heavenly Father.

Merry CHRISTMAS everyone!

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