Project Season 2020

January 29, 2020–Jesica Talbert

I feel much like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson celebrating the start of “Wedding Season!”  My excitement is that of “Project Season.”  I find a lull between mid-fall and winter due to 1). the temperatures aren’t consistent and conducive to most of my project.  2). Time needed to complete projects coming not being a priority once school starts back and time with family being more challenging to come by with shorter days and holiday focus.  3). My need to reflect, analyze shared goals with my husband, and the need to rest and “refill my cup.”  Now, in late January, I have been hit with the passion and drive needed to visualize, plan, and being my projects.   And for me, that is such a freeing feeling and it ignites something in me that is beyond art and painting (my go to winter mode) and transforms into my doing and giving mode.  It is a way to express my love for my family by giving them a part of me that helps make our house a home.

My list is excessive and never ending, as every homeowner knows, because with wear and tear of life (especially life with 2 wild boys and 3 dogs), so my list is adaptable as priorities change daily.  Especially considering that we brought home a “souvenir” last summer when we visited a lake house and became a “forever home” to a young pup that was abandoned…who has now grown into a 50lb pup who loves to chew and destroy a few moments each day followed by endless snuggles and love (so I mean, come on, how can you be too upset?).

This past weekend to kick off the season I started by completing my husband’s bedroom set that he adores and received as a child. Unfortunately, I didn’t share his same love for his dressers and night stands, I felt extreme the other direction. The color was a red/brown finish which I didn’t care for, it had old brass handles that screamed the early 90s, it had huge scrapes and dings, and it had broken drawers. He agreed that the drawers needed to be fixed, but he wanted it fixed by a professional. (This goes against every grain in my body—why pay for something before trying to do yourself?) I asked him to allow me to redo the nightstand on my side of the bed to match the wooden plank headboard that I completed this summer, and then see my work and decide if I could then work on his dresser.

The nightstand was a success!  He agreed that it looked great and he was on board with me redoing his dresser.  In less than 3 minutes I had the drawers fixed—it literally needed screws to reattach the tracks.   WIN!  I purchased new hardware for the knobs.  Sanded it down, applied precondition, stained with 2 coats of Jacobean, and then sealed with 2 coats of Polyurethane (I like the water based because, like with acrylic painting, I love the ease of cleaning).


This project took much longer than I like to admit because I am a “quick-win” gal who likes to knock out projects over the weekend.  This one I started in the summer and fixed the drawers to be functional and then completed the drawers, sanded 90% of the dresser (didn’t get to the bottom feet before rain came in and I had to move it back inside) before beginning my hibernation mode.  Lugging large furniture is something I dislike because I have to ask for help—actually, I think this is one of the main reasons I choose the projects that I do—I don’t want to depend on someone else to complete “my” projects.  My projects aren’t meant to be anyone else’s responsibility.  I don’t want to have to ask for help if avoidable.

This looked around my living room and was unhappy with the color that I painted it this summer, as it pulled a hue of pink that wasn’t to my liking, so I want to repaint like NOW, but I knew I had to complete this project before beginning another one.  So, over the past weekend I completed this one.   And my timing was great, as my husband’s foot is in a boot—so I got smart, I pulled my running rug next to the dresser, scooted the dresser on it, then pulled the run with the dresser along for the ride with ease outside.  I was proud that I only had to ask my hubsters for help getting the dresser back inside by us lifting over the brick step to get it back inside.


So here I am with the remaining summer projects complete and ready to start this season with gusto.

Also, might I add—we had a glass coffee table that he had since before we started dating nearly 14 years ago that I LOATHED!  I ran into that dang thing daily.  I don’t know why, it was like I couldn’t see the edges.  I received more bruises from that one piece of furniture than all of the bruises of my life combined (yes, I may be dramatic but I actually believe it is probably close to being true)  We wanted an ottoman but didn’t want to spend $700 for the one we wanted because replacing living room furniture is on our list, especially since we have had some pillows MIA (thanks again to our lil’ souvenir).  So, I purchased board, foam, and material and built our own the stand from the glass coffee table.  Now I am bruise free, we all kick up our feet for our Sunday Family-Movie-Night, and our little princess has taken over as her throne for naps.  Again, a win/win/win. 



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