Realigning to my true why

A lot has changed in the past two weeks. After months of deliberation and prayer I’ve decided to leaving my current position, the one with “director in the title” as I mentioned in my initial “why” on this site. My years there were remarkable and I am so glad that it was part of my story. As the connections I’ve made are irreplaceable, and they were monumental in pushing me to want more out of the life my husband and I are building for our family.

What lead to my decision? I committed to take a chance on myself while also aligning with my true “why” of life. For anyone that knows my tenacity and love for hard work it came as a great surprise, but also, once I explained, My decision has been met with great respect and support.

My priorities are to be a follower and lover of the Lord, a supportive spouse, and an amazing mother. As many very well know, the restaurant industry requires all of your time and focus, even when it is “family time.” After too many “shhh mom’s talking to work” my heart finally knew it was time to take a chance on myself.

I launched my website a year ago as a hobby, but also as a way of building content. I sold a few pieces, made connections through organizations, and feel confident in the next chapter…

This summer I will be home with my children so they can experience a true summer break before my youngest starts kindergarten in the fall. During that time I will be focusing on them, teaching them about our great state and connecting with them through various activities that I enjoyed while growing up in the Ozarks.

I will also be focusing on my painting as well as various art type projects. Since making this decision I have been able to secure a few commitments for displaying art and possible leads for securing repeat business.

One potentially positive agreement is with a realtor who plans to buy house warming gift paintings and/or gift collections that contain art type projects from me when he closes a sale.

He is also facilitating a meeting with the multi-offices brokerage group where I display and present the same proposal to the team of realtors which will include rental pieces when they are staging a home as well as gift delivery.
I know selling one piece at a time won’t allow me to gain the traction needed to financially justify staying home in the fall when the boys go to school, so I am seeking out businesses that can purchase more than one piece or commit to items on a more consistent basis while also increasing my networking opportunities.

My next goal is to secure a new few offices that are decorating larger areas of space that would like similar, yet unique pieces. Yet, I know my grit and my normal “dive head first” and slay the day mentality—but like I mentioned, my decision is based on family first, so I will keep telling myself “slow down sis, one step at a time.”

I am excited about what the future holds and know it is time to build something for myself, something that allows me to align with my true purpose which is to build an amazing family.

I look forward to filling these pages with the steps of my journey, and hope to one day read back and think “atta-girl, I knew you could.”

Feel free to view my internal announcement video for a better understanding of my decision. Enjoy.

Click to view video
Click to view video
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